Model3D for iPad

Built from the ground up for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Simple yet powerful.

Intuitive, Easy to Learn

Model3D was designed from first principles to be easy to learn and use. Simple functions give the user the power to create nearly anything without a steep learning curve.

Powerful Camera and Workspace Controls

Camera areas near the edges of the screen make moving around intuitive, "ghost" controls and camera focus allows you to concentrate on a single element in a complex scene.

Extrude, Subdivide and Distribute in 3D

Functionality allows you to easily create new faces and align vertices in order to create complex shapes. Simple, low-level functions combined give lots of creative power while still being easy to learn.

Work Directly on Objects, Faces or Vertices

Model3D is a direct (and destructive) modeler, allowing you complete control over the geometry you're creating. Don't worry about complex operations, just model.

Extrude and Rotate from 2D

Sometimes it's easier to begin a shape in 2D. Model3D allows you to draw on a 2D grid and then extrude or rotate that 2D shape into 3 dimensions. Powerful, yet easy to use.

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